How to Give Sleeping Habits to Babies

19 Haziran 2018
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The first step in bringing sleeping habits to your baby is to prepare your baby with a ritual of sleep. For this, the baby will be prepared for the baby to be fed when the baby is fed, the gold is changed and the sleeping processes are done at the same time and at the same time during the day.

Things to Watch Out for Baby Sleep

It is also important that the baby sleeps when he is not sleeping after sleeping, but when he is sleepy. It is also not appropriate for the baby to be shaken, pacified, or nursed while breastfed to facilitate sleep. If the baby is shaken and woken it will wake up every time she wakes up. If your baby is to be sucked with a pacifier, you should remove it from your mouth after sleeping. Because the teat is intended to satisfy the baby’s sucking reflex and should not be turned into a means of sleeping. It’s also wrong if your baby is nursed by breastfeeding. Because the baby feels it right away and wakes up when you leave the panties. This can also cause the baby to wake up again every time she wakes up.

Sleeping Baby and Eliminating Needs
Babies sleep about 16-18 hours a day during the first period. They wake up in 2-3 hours to feed, exchange gold, or take care of their surroundings. Babies have no distinction between day and night during these periods. For this reason, 2-3 hours a baby needs to be taken care of to meet his needs. It is possible to teach the separation of day and night in the period of 2 weeks after the baby. When the baby day is woken up, the sleeping environment should not be dark. There is also no need to reduce noise around you. When the baby wakes up from daytime sleep, it should be played with it and should be spoken in the usual tone of voice. On the contrary, the nights should be dim or dark and as quiet as possible. If the baby wakes up, their needs should be quietly removed and removed.

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Baby’s Room Should Be Separated When It’s 6 Months
Babies usually sleep about 15 hours a day during 3-6 months. This is the day when 10 hours is spent night. It may be necessary to wake up twice a night to feed the baby and change the gold. Activities such as bathing, lullabies, listening to music must be continued before the night sleep to ensure that the baby is relaxed.

When the baby has completed the 6th month, the room must be separated. Babies sleep 14 hours a day when they are 6-9 months old. They can sleep 7 hours a day without interruption. They will sleep twice in the morning and in the afternoon. It is important to continue pre-sleep activities at night and activities should be done at the same time and in the same order. As a result, the baby will wear pajamas after the banyodon and realize that he needs to sleep when he hears the lullaby voice.

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